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1. Surface Water Reservoir Maps in Poland [WARd0009_108]
Surface water reservoirs scanned and digitized form different map sources in the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography and GRID-Warsaw. Rivers andlakes coded accroding to hydrological classification.

2. Africa Revised FNOC Percent Water Cover [NBId0053_101]
New-ID: NBI53 Africa Revised FNOC Percent Water Cover Dataset Documentation File: AFWATER.IMG Code: 100082-005 Raster Member The IMG file is in IDRISI format The percent water cover dataset ...

3. Hydrology (Rivers and Lakes) map of Nepal from WBD II [BANd0047_113]
Digital Map of Hydrology consisting Rivers and Lakes of Nepal compiled from the World Boundary Database II (WBD II)

4. Hydrometric networks and Watershed divide in Tunisia; 1986 [CE1d0020_173]
This data asset contains layers / coverages, such as: - Linear features on the map like canals, drains, streams...etc. - Linear features that describe surface water divide Original Map name: RESEAU ...

5. Kenya Coastal Zone - Lakes, Rivers, Watersheds, Boreholes [NBId0110_101]
The Eastern African Coastal and Marine Environment Resource Database is a comprehensive 1:250,000-scale vector database of the Kenya Coastal Zone. It consists of geographic, attribute, and textual ...

6. Lake Chad Datasets, Africa [NBId0079_101]
The Lake Chad Dataset which is a detailed case study of the UNEP/FAO/ESRI Family was developed by UNEP/GRID, on behalf of the UNEP/Fresh Water Unit for the Lake Chad Commission on Sustainable Development. ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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