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1. BIOPLUMEIII - A 2D, Finite Diffference Model for Simulating the Natural Attenuation of Organic Contaminants in Ground-Water [USEPA_BIOPLUMEIII]
BIOPLUME III is a 2D, finite difference model for simulating the natural attenuation of organic contaminants in ground-water due to the processes of advection, dispersion, sorption, and ...

2. MFI2005 - Data Input (Entry) Program [USGS_MFI2005]
MFI2005 is a data input (entry) program for the U.S. Geological Survey modular three-dimensional finite-difference ground-water model called MODFLOW-2005. Data for MODPATH, a particle tracking program ...

3. MODFLOW-CDSS, a Version of MODFLOW-2005 with Modifications for Colorado Decision Support Systems [USGS_MODFLOW-CDSS]   PARENT SERF
MODFLOW-CDSS is a three-dimensional, finite-difference groundwater-flow model based on MODFLOW-2005, with two modifications. The first modification is the introduction of a Partition Stress Boundaries ...

4. MODOPTIM: A General Optimization Program for Ground-Water Flow Model Calibration and Ground-Water Management with MODFLOW [USGS_MODOPTIM]
MODOPTIM is a non-linear ground-water model calibration and management tool that simulates flow with MODFLOW-96 as a subroutine. A weighted sum-of-squares objective function defines optimal solutions ...

5. ModelMuse - A Graphical User Interface for MODFLOW-2005, PHAST, MODPATH, and ZONEBUDGET [USGS_ModelMuse]
ModelMuse is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) models MODFLOW–2005 and PHAST. This software package provides a GUI for creating the flow and transport input file ...

6. WTAQ: Computer program for calculating drawdowns and estimating hydraulic properties for confined and water-table aquifers [USGS_WTAQ]
The computer program WTAQ calculates hydraulic-head drawdowns in a confined or water-table aquifer that result from pumping at a well of finite or infinitesimal diameter. The program is ...

7. An Excel Workbook for Identifying Redox Processes in Ground Water [USGS_Redox]
The reduction/oxidation (redox) condition of ground water affects the concentration, transport, and fate of many anthropogenic and natural contaminants. The redox state of a ground-water sample is ...

8. TracerLPM - An Excel Workbook for Interpreting Groundwater Age Distributions from Environmental Tracer Data [USGS_TracerLPM]
TracerLPM is an interactive Excel (2007 or later) workbook program for evaluating groundwater age distributions from environmental tracer data by using lumped parameter models (LPMs). Lumped parameter ...

9. Arc Hydro Groundwater Data Model [CRWR_Arc_Hydro]
Arc Hydro is one of a number of data models developed for users of ArcGIS. Such models include transportation, geology, marine, petroleum, water utilities, and others, describing a variety of disciplines ...

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