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1. Number of Livestock in Europe [EEA_LIVESTOCK]
Data are for all domestic animals irrespective of their age, place or purpose of breeding. The animal population is defined as the animal numbers present on the holding on the reference date regardless ...

2. Breeds of Livestock [USDA0425]
"Breeds of Livestock" is an Internet resource that provides data on livestock species throughout the world. Livestock may be searched by world region or species name. Data are available on cattle, ...

3. China County Data Collection, Livestock [EOSWEBSTER_China_County_Data_6]   PARENT METADATA
The Livestock dataset contains four variables which provide census data for Cattle, Hogs, Horses (horses, donkeys and camels), and Sheep (sheep and goats). These census data are based on 1990 statistics. ...

4. Forest Service Range Management Information System [USDA0006]
The "Forest Service Range Management Information System" collects and analyzes data on grazing in the National Forests and National Grasslands of the United States. Data are gathered in cycles ...

5. Jornada Experimental Range Stocking Records [MSU0018]
The "Jornada Experimental Range Stocking Records" data set contains a record of the number of animal days of use in each of the Jornada Experimental Range pastures near Las Cruces, New Mexico. Data ...

6. Livestock Data for Counties in the Contiguous United States [EOSWEBSTER_US_County_Data_6]   PARENT METADATA
This dataset provides livestock data for US Counties within the contiguous US. Census data of cattle, poultry (fowl), hogs, horses and sheep are provided. These data are estimated counts for 1990 ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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