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1. Geodetic monitoring of isostatic rebound near the Lambert Glacier [GEMIR_GPS_ANU]
The present-day observed change in sea level is the sum of several factors, including the continuing readjustment of the crust to the past redistribution of the surface ice-water load and any present-day ...

2. Research in natural freeze-drying technology for the preservation of historic Antarctic buildings [ASAC_951]
Preliminary Metadata record for data expected from ASAC Project 951 See the link below for public details on this project. Temperatures (internal and external), wind speeds (internal and external), ...

3. Community composition of seabirds in the Prydz Bay region, derived from at-sea observations of seabirds. [WOV_PRYDZ_BIRD_COMMUNITIES]
Observations of seabirds at sea have been made by observers on Australian Antarctic ships in the Prydz Bay region during most seasons since 1980/81. Approximately 32000 observations of 26 main species ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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