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1. Daily, Monthly, and Annual Surface Weather Data Including Precipitation, Pressure and Temperature for Haiti (1716-1923) [NCL00247_248_258_262]
The Haiti data resides in 1 book, 'Republique D'Haiti: Direction Generale des Travaux Publics Precipitation Atmospherique' (C/hc30 AO) written in French. This book contains tables of daily and monthly ...

2. Distribution of Novel Infectious Agent in Healthy and Diseased Bicolor Damselfish in Florida and the Caribbean [RSMAS_MSC001b]
The disease damselfish neurofibromatosis (DNF) affects bicolor damselfish (Stegastes partitus) on reefs in Florida. This disease consists of peripheral nerve sheath and pigment cell tumors that are ...

3. Hourly, Daily, Monthly, and Annual Surface Weather Data for Havana, Cuba, the West Indies, Mexico, and the U.S. (1859-1925) [NCL00202_204_205]
The Havana data resides in 1 book, 'El Clima de Cuba' (C/hc20s H38 g98-C 40136) written in Spanish. In these summaries, definitions are: 1. Hourly/daily/monthly/seasonal/annual data - values determined ...

4. InfoNatura [InfoNatura]
InfoNatura provides conservation status, taxonomic, and distribution information for 5,500 bird and mammal species in Latin America and the Caribbean. InfoNatura provides taxonomic, conservation ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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