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1. US ITASE Stable Isotope Data, Antarctica [NSIDC-0425]
This data set includes stable isotope measurements from snow pits, firn, and ice cores collected by the the US component of the International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition ( ITASE). The ITASE ...

2. The PALEOMAP Project: Paleogeographic Atlas, Plate Tectonic Software, and Paleoclimate Reconstructions [PALEOMAP]
The PALEOMAP project produces paleogreographic maps illustrating the Earth's plate tectonic, paleogeographic, climatic, oceanographic and biogeographic development from the Precambrian to the Modern ...

3. Trapped Gas Composition and Chronology of the Vostok Ice Core [NSIDC-0311]
This data set includes a time scale for the Vostok ice core, retrieved from Vostok Station on the East Antarctic Plateau. This chronology is derived by orbitally tuning to molecular oxygen to nitrogen ...

4. Air sampling and analysis from Antarctic firn and ice [ASAC_1004]
Air from the ice and firn (compressed snow) of the Antarctic ice sheet will be extracted and measured for atmospheric composition in the past. Gases of interest are greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, ...

5. DMSP F10 and F11 Master Map Image Files from the Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I) [OSDPD0002]
Once the EDR Intermediate Data Base (IDB) has been generated, it is processed by the mastermaps software. There is one image file for each hemisphere and for each SSM/I satellite, DMSP ...

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