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1. Antarctic iceberg sizes and spatial distribution from SAR image analysis - Map [AAD_Ant_iceberg_SAR]
This map shows the distribution of the iceberg data extracted from ERS SAR images. Icebergs are identified in Synthetic Aperture Radar [SAR] images by image analysis using the texture and intensity ...

2. Great Lakes Mosaic of Landsat MSS Images, Canada [Canada_GeoGratis_GreatLakes]
The mosaic of the Great Lakes Watershed is composed of 82 Landsat MSS images acquired between June 1 and September 15 from 1985 to 1987. It is 7921 pixels by 7201 lines and contains 4 ...

3. Ice velocity and strain rate fields over the Lambert Glacier - Amery Ice Shelf system, East Antarctica [AAD_Ant_LG-AIS_vel_strain]
Measurements of ice velocity and strain rate have been derived by analysis of satellite images for the Lambert Glacier and Amery Ice Shelf system. Two techniques have been applied in the production ...

4. LBA-ECO LC-15 Aerodynamic Roughness Maps of Vegetation Canopies, Amazon Basin: 2000 [LC15_ROUGHNESS_MAP]
This data set provides physical roughness maps of vegetation canopies in the Amazon Basin. The images are estimates of aerodynamic roughness length (Z0) and zero plane displacement height (D0) at ...

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