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1. ANTAVIA-TrackingKing [scarmarbin_2441]
GPS tracking of known-age and sex king penguins from Crozet Archipelago (age data are available upon request from the senior author)

2. Australian National Fish Collection [CSIRO_ANFishCollection]
The Australian National Fish Collection (formerly the I.S.R. Munro Ichthyological Collection) is a collection of some 135,000 vouchered fish specimens from 2,800 species, originally started ...

3. Plankton Biodiversity and Biovariability in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans [GLOBEC_015_UKR_002]
This is a collaborative project involving local institutes (two in Ukriane, one in Panama and one in Kenya) and the host country (UK) and focusing on work to implement the Biodiversity ...

4. Polygons of Global Undersea Features for Geographic Searches [USGS_undersea_features]
ABSTRACT: A shapefile of 311 undersea features from all major oceans and seas has been created as an aid for retrieving georeferenced information resources. The geographic extent of the shapefile ...

5. The Australian Oceanographic Data Center Hydrocomp Database via World Wide Web [AODC_WWW]
The Australian Oceanographic Data Center (AODC) provides a variety of oceanographic data for the area bounded by the coordinates 80S by 150W and 30N by 20E. Data sets are currently available through ...

6. Database on the Bioluminescence Field of the World's Oceans [GLOBEC_016_UKR_003]
The database is being assembled from the vertical profiles and horizontal continuous records of bioluminescence, chlorophyll-a, zooplankton and CTD's obtained by the Former Soviet Union ...

7. Lamont Doherty Seismic Reflection Scanned Images [gov.noaa.ngdc.mgg.seismic.G01154]
This data set contains single channel seismic reflection profiles as provided to NGDC by Lamont Doherty Earh Observatory (LDEO). The profiles were originally provided as 8x10 negatives, but were scanned ...

8. Marine Turtle Nesting Database [unep_marineturtle]
Distribution of marine turtles in the Indian Ocean. Information was obtained from published and unpublished literature, and through liaison with turtle fieldworkers. It was intended that the database ...

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