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1. CO2 and Temperature Effects on Two Subtropical Grassland Species: A C3 Legume and C4 Stoloniferous Grass. [USDA.ARS.CGERU.CO2tempFlorida]
(Adapted from an Abstract Presented at ARS Carbon Storage Workshop) THE PROBLEM: After maximal deforestation in the Eastern USA, and particularly the Southeastern USA, much land returned naturally ...

2. Farming Systems for Soil Quality and Economic Sustainability [USDA.ARS.NSDL.FarmSyst]
1. Climatic conditions in subtropical and warm temperate regions make it difficult to increase soil carbon storage, given current cropping practices coupled with the use of conventional tillage. ...

3. SoyBase - A Soybean Genome Database [usda.AGIS.SoyBase]
[adapted from &About SoyBase&] Soybase is a soybean genome database, and is part of the legume database project coordinated by Randy Shoemaker at Iowa State ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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