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1. Petrology and geochemistry of alkaline and granitoid intrusions, Pipecleaner Glacier region, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica [K061_1989_1990_NZ_2]
The primary aim was to extend the field mapping, undertaken by previous MSc students from Otage University in Southern Victoria Land. The area mapped included the Miers Valley and around the Pipecleaner ...

2. Dismal Geology: a study of magmatic and subsolidus processes in a carbonated alkaline intrusion, Southern Victoria Land. [K061_1989_1990_NZ_1]
The Granite Harbour Intrusives of Southern Victoria Land are comprised of a range of dominantly silica oversaturated rocks. Saturated and undersaturated intrusions are also present but are subordinate ...

3. Mapping and sampling of the Granite Harbour Intrusives from the Pipecleaner Glacier-Miers Valley area [K061_1989_1990_NZ_4]
Detailed mapping and sampling of the Granite Harbour Intrusives was carried out in the Pipecleaner Glacier area and in the Miers Valley forming an extensive petrological and structural study of various ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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