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1. National Forest Health Database - Archive of Insects and Diseases Found in Canadian Forests [Canada_CFS_ArchiveInsectDiseas]
Since 1936, the Canadian Forest Service has been collecting data on insects, diseases and abiotic conditions (e.g. storm damage) that are a potential threat to the health of Canada's forests. Some ...

2. National Forest Health Database - Insect and Disease Data for Canadian Forest Health Network [Canada_CFS_InsDisData]
Since 1984, Canadian Forest Service has been collecting data to help monitor the health of Canada's forests. Data is collected from a large number of strategically located plots all across Canada. ...

3. Pacific Forestry Centre Forest Pathology Herbarium Collections Database, British Columbia, Canada [Canada_CFS_PathologyHerbarium]
This database currently holds over 21,000 records for the 35,300 specimens housed at Pacific Forestry Centre's Forest Pathology Herbarium (abbreviated as DAVFP), and may be ...

4. British Columbia Host/Fungus Index Database, Canada [Canada_CFS_HostFungusIndex]
The British Columbia Host/Fungus Index Database was compiled from 60 years of Canadian Forest Service records, augmented from published literature records and additional data provided ...

5. List of non-lichenized fungi from the Antarctic region [GB-NERC-BAS-AEDC-00235]
This list provides a check-list of the non-lichenized fungi reported from Antarctica that have been published in the literature or deposited in major culture collections. The list includes all macrofungi, ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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