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1. New Harbor and Windless Bight Seismic Data for ANDRILL [ANDRILL_Geophys_surv_2001-2002]
This was a joint project between scientists and scientific programmes of the US, UK, Germany, and New Zealand to collect geophysical and site survey data in support of the ANDRILL Program. ...

2. Cape Roberts Project Organic Geochemical Data [rkettler]
These data sets include measurements of total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC), total nitrogen (N) and total sulphur (S) made on whole rock samples collected as part of the Cape ...

3. Contamination in sediments, bivalves and sponges of McMurdo Sound, Antarctica [ECA004]
Data consist of environmental contamination deriving from the presence of scientific bases. Negri et al. (2006) examined the concentrations of total hydrocarbons (THC), PCBs, PAHs, in marine sediments ...

4. Lipid transport, lipid metabolism and cold adaptation in Antarctic notothenioid fish [K058_2005_2008_NZ_1]
Fish species of the suborder Notothenioidei are morphologically distinct in that they lack a swim bladder. To compensate, high levels of tissue lipids aid in maintaining buoyancy. The lipids also ...

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