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1. Biology of the springtail Gomphiocephalus hodgsoni at Cape Bird: feeding habits, life cycle and migration movements throughout a season [K017_1969_1970_NZ_1]
Aspects of the biology of Gomphiocephalus hodgsoni (Collembola) was investigated at Cape Bird. The work can be divided into three main investigations: 1) Food studies - which included isolation and ...

2. The relationship between skuas and adelie penguins at the Cape Bird colonies: penguin egg and chick mortality from skua predation and territorial, feeding and breeding behaviour of skuas about the penguin colony [K017_1965_1970_NZ_1]
A five year study on the relationship between skuas (Catharaeta maccormicki) and adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) was investigated at Cape Bird with two studies: a) A study of penguin egg ...

3. Causes of high mortality of the second chick from a pair of skua (Catharaeta maccormicki) eggs; egg content and chick weights, feeding rates, parental brooding behaviour, experimental removal and starvation of chicks [K017_1966_1967_NZ_1]
The cause/factors of heavy mortality of the second chick hatching from a pair of eggs at a skua nest was investigated. Previous observations found that the second chick is chased away from the nest ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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