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1. Arctic Ocean: Amundsen and Nansen basins – July-August 2001. Vertical and stratified zooplankton sampling onboard the Swedish icebreaker Oden, program FAMIZ [ArcOD_2006P8]   PARENT METADATA
Studies of distribution and abundance of zooplankton were performed in a) Amundsen basin (89-88oN drift) and b) Nansen basin (four stations in the MIZ and two stations in the open water). In Amundsen ...

2. Seismic reflection and refraction surveys in Arctic waters (project ARCTIC'91) [AWI-EDMED_542_1]
The seismic reflection survey was carried out in order: a) obtain a profile across the Eurasia Basin for mapping the first order sediment distribution and its seismic stratigraphy above oceanic crust ...

3. Zooplankton in the Laptev Sea and adjacent Nansen Basin during summer, 1993 (Polarstern ARK-IX/4) [ArcOD_2007P4]   PARENT METADATA
Zooplankton composition and distribution were investigated on the Laptev Sea shelf, over the continental slope and in the adjacent deep Nansen Basin during the joint German-Russian expedition ``Arctic ...

4. Feeding Ecology of the Arctic Ice-Amphipod Gammarus wilkitzkii. Physiological, Morphological and Ecological Studies, Svalbard September 2000 [ArcOD_2008I1]   PARENT METADATA
Gammarus wilkitzkii is a presumed omnivorous amphipod that lives in high densities in close association with Arctic pack ice. This dataset consist of 7 rows and 4 species (Apherusa glacialis, Gammarus ...

5. Gravity survey in Arctic waters, 1991 (project ARCTIC'91) [AWI-EDMED_542_2]
The gravity survey was carried out in order to: a) investigate the crustal structure of the Lomonosov Ridge to elucidate its subsidence history, b) determine the nature of basement on the marginal ...

6. Macrozoobenthos composition, abundance and biomass in the Arctic Ocean along a transect between Svalbard and the Makarov Basin 1991. [ArcOD_2006B2]   PARENT METADATA
Macrofauna has been sampled during R/V Polarstern research cruise ARK VIII/3 in August-September (1st August til 1st October) 1991 at 30 stations, at water depths of 1018-4478 m, along a transect ...

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