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1. Arthropods of La Selva (ALAS) Database [EC_ALAS]
The Arthropods of La Selva Database (ALAS) contains approximately 127,000 Specimen records for approximately 8000 species of arthropods, illustrated by more than 1300 images. The collection data ...

2. ETI CD - Arthropods of Economic Importance - Eurasian Torticidae [ETI_Arthropinteractive]
This CD-ROM holds an interactive identification guide and information source on economically important tortricids in Europe and Asia for all applied entomologists working in agriculture, forestry ...

3. ETI CD - Braconidae - An Illustrated Key to All Families [ETI_9Braconidae]
A completely revised and updated key to all subfamilies of the Braconidae of the World, by one of the leading world specialists of the group, C. van Achterberg from the National Museum of Natural ...

4. ETI CD - Catalogue of the Chalcidoidea of the World [ETI_Chalcidoidea]
The superfamily Chalcidoidea includes about 26,000 described taxa and is one of the largest groups in the insect order Hymenoptera. Its members have the widest host range of any parasitic insect group, ...

5. ETI CD - European Butterflies [ETI_butterflies]
This multimedia CD ROM presents unique up-to-date information about at least 400 European butterflies that is not available in existing fieldguides. All species are presented with exquisite drawings, ...

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