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1. Sahel Standardized Rainfall Index (20-8N, 20W-10E) [JISAO_SAHEL_RAINFALL_INDEX]
The University of Washington Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO) offers standardized rainfall index data for the Sahelian zone of northern Africa. The averaging region ...

2. European Diatom Database [uk_nc_eddi]   CHILD METADATA
The European Diatom Database (EDDI) is a database of diatom training datsets and transfer functions. It has has been developed by combining and harmonizing data from a series of smaller ...

3. Hourly Sea Levels for the Coast of Spain, the Balearic Islands, the Canaries, and the North-western Coast of Africa [CEDO_TIDE]
The Centro Espanol de Datos Oceanograficos' (CEDO's) most systematic data relate to sea-level measurement in the form of hourly tide levels and the time and depth of high and low tides for about 25 ...

4. Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Seasonal, and Annual Weather Data for Spain Including Catalonia, Madrid, Oviedo, Gilbraltar, and Malaga (1851-1927) [NCL0177178184185186187188200201]
The Catalonia data resides in 1 book, 'Servicio Meteorologico de Cataluna Carta del Tiempo' (C/dg AO) written in Spanish. This book contains hourly and daily surface weather data in tables for Catalonia, ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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