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1. Scanned copies of biology logs from Australian Antarctic and subantarctic stations, 1948-1991 [Biology_Logs_1948_1991]   CHILD DIFs
This is a parent record for a number of metadata records with links to scanned copies of biology logs from Australian Antarctic and subantarctic stations - 1948-1991. The logs include observations, ...

2. Antarctic Biodiversity Database [antarctic_biodiversity_db]
The biodiversity database is planned to be a reference on Antarctic and subantarctic flora and fauna collated by the Regional Sensitivity to Climate Change (RiSCC) group and developed by the Australian ...

3. Early Iceberg Observations by Australian Antarctic Expeditioners [early_iceberg_obs]
Between 1954 and 1975, iceberg observations were collected on Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) by Antarctic expeditioners on a volunteer basis as they travelled to and from ...

4. Geoscience Australia Geophysical Observatories [ASAC_760]
Geoscience Australia Geophysical Observatories Note, there are separate meta-data records for Geomagnetism and for seismology/nuclear monitoring. Brief summary: AGSO (now Geoscience Australia) operates ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4

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