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1. Environmental data on seafloor sediment and biota (granulometry, DOC, chlorophyll-a, images) [BO_043_O_Explorers_Cove]
This data set contains information on collection sites at Explorers Cove, New Harbor, McMurdo Sound. Comparative sites are also described. The parameters are sediment granulometry, organic carbon, ...

2. Greenland Ice Sheet Project II (GISP2) Ice Core Methane Data, NOAA/NCDC/WDC-Paleoclimatology [NGDC_WDCA_PALEO_GISP2_CH4]
This data set contains methane (CH4) concentration data derived from the Greenland Ice Sheet Project II (GISP2) ice core. The methane concentration was measured from trapped gases in in samples from ...

3. Elevated Soil Temperature and Water Table Manipulation Data from Barrow, Alaska, 1999-2001 [GGD905]
This data set contains elevated soil temperature and water table manipulation measurements taken at a tundra site near Barrow, Alaska, USA. Eighteen 60-cm diameter polycarbonate cylinders were installed ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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