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1. Bathymetry and Acoustic Backscatter of Crater Lake, Oregon from Field Activity: S-1-00-OR [USGS_DDS-72]
These data are intended for science researchers, students, policy makers, and the general public. The data can be used with geographic information systems (GIS) or other software to display bathymetry ...

2. Riparian Litter Inputs to Streams in the Central Oregon Coast Range - Data [USGS_FRESC-0298_RiparianLitterInputs]
ABSTRACT: This data set consists of twenty five spreadsheets that cover twelve months of "sorting" data on litter collected in Oregon Coast Range riparian forests, total carbon and nitrogen concentrations ...

3. Sensitivity of Cytochrome P450-1A1 Induction in Fish as a Biomarker for Distribution of TCDD and TCDF in the Willamette River,Oregon [BESTsed03]
Sampling sites were selected based upon possible industrial pollution sources. Surface sediment at six stations in the Willamette River mainstem and Middle Fork were sampled for dioxins and furans. ...

4. Columbia River Land Margin Ecosystem Research Project Datasets [nsflmercretmdparent]
Land-Margin Ecosystem Research in the Columbia River Estuarine Turbidity Maximum (CRETM) is an interdisciplinary approach to investigating couplings between hydrological, geochemical and ecological ...

5. Contaminant Exposure and Effects - Terrestrial Vertebrates [usgs_brd_pwrc_ceetv]
The Biomonitoring of Environmental Status and Trends (BEST) program of the Department of the resources under their stewardship. In accordance with the desire of many to continuously monitor the environmental ...

6. INVADERS Database Project [umtdbs_d_invaders]
The INVADERS Database is a comprehensive database of exotic plant names and weed distribution records for five states in the northwestern United States. The spatial and temporal ...

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