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1. Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) Level 2 G Reader [NASA_ozoneaq_l2g_reader]
The L2g reader is a piece of IDL software designed to read the level 2g files which are produced for a number of Ozone Monitoring Instrument products. The L2g data file is an amalgamation of a days ...

2. Ozone Over Your House [NASA_ozoneaq_ozone_overhead]
You can find the total column ozone amount over any point on Earth for most dates between November 1978 and December 1994 and from August 1996 to today. Just click on the map. Note: This is not the ...

3. Ozone Exceedances Plots [EPA_OZONECOMPARE_VIZ]
How does this year compare with previous years? Compare 8-hour ozone exceedances between two years or multi-year periods for a city or county. The first plot shows the comparisions by MONTH. The second ...

4. Mapping Ozone Conditions Across Europe [EEA_OZONE_VIEWER]
The European Environment Agency provides a map viewer displaying up-to-date information on ozone conditions across Europe. Users can find out the level of ozone pollution their area or in any other ...

5. Catalytic Decomposition of Ozone in a Fluidized Bed [PSC_MFIX]
The following graphics and animations were produced by Greg Foss (PSC) using EnSight 6.2.2. 1. Bubble transport in a fluidized bed, shown by a sliced volume of void fraction. 2. Ozone concentration ...

6. Total Column Ozone [OSU-TCO]
The researchers developed statistical techniques that fill in missing data by performing calculations at different image resolutions. First, the software "zooms out" of the image to calculate potential ...

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