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1. Photographs from ship on 270 degree circumnavigation of McDonald Islands 11 August 2005. [McDonald_Photos]
Series of 135 photographs and a 12 minute video taken of McDonald Islands on 11 August 2005. Photographs are of the west, south and east of McDonald Island. The following text was provided by members ...

2. Subantarctic Zone photos of sediment trap samples [SAZ_Photos]   PARENT DIF
SAZ photos of sediment trap samples Sediment traps are cones which intercept and store falling marine particles in collection cups. The particles consist of a range of material including phytoplankton, ...

3. Heard Island glacier fluctuations and climatic change - 2003/04 Fieldwork [ASAC_2363]
This report describes the data collected for ASAC project 2363 (a continuation of ASAC 1158). A full report of the data collected and the work completed is available for download with the dataset. ...

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