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1. Anthropogenic Drivers of Change on Marine Ecosystems: Nutrient Pollution (Fertilizer) [geodata_2034]
The Nutrient Pollution (Fertilizer) dataset represents an anthropogenic driver of ecological change for marine ecosystem.

2. Sediment, Nutrient and Plankton Data Available from the Gulf of Mexico Nutrient-Enhanced Coastal Ocean Productivity (NECOP) Program [NOAA_AOML_NECOP]
The Nutrient-Enhanced Coastal Ocean Productivity (NECOP) program provides understanding of coastal ecosystem response to nutrient enrichment. The northern Gulf of Mexico, an otherwise oligotrophic ...

3. The PLUME Model: A 3D Numerical Model of the Southern Benguela [GLOBEC_011_VIBES_001]
The PLUME Model: a 3D Numerical Model of the Southern Benguela The PLUME model aims to simulate the dynamics of the environment within the southern Benguela, with a particular emphasis on meso-scale ...

4. Impact of Black Saturday bushfire plume and other pyrocarbon emissions on stratospheric ozone above Antarctica [AAS_3229]
Metadata record for data from AAS (ASAC) project 3229. Public Summary: We investigate the impact of Black Saturday Australian bushfire in 2009 on the atmosphere above Australia and in the southern ...

5. Measurements of gases, particulates and energy from the plume, air, rocks, snow, ice, steam, gas and soils of Mt Erebus, Ross Island [K092_1989_1990_NZ_1]
Mt Erebus gases, particulates and energy forms an important source of chemical species in the Antarctic environment and its important that the composition and quantity of the components of the plume ...

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