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1. Atmospheric Pressure Data for Poland, and Cities in Eastern Europe and Russia (1851-1910) [NCL00079]
The surface pressure data resides in 1 book, 'Pression Atmospherique en Pologne et e Europe' (C/dbb G661P) and is written in French and Polish. The data contained in this book are tables of monthly ...

2. Monthly, Seasonal, Annual Climate Data for Poland, Germany and Southwestern Russia (1781-1937) [NCL00076_81_90_91_92_93_94_119]
The sunshine data resides in 1 book, 'The duration of bright sunshine in Gdynia, Dantzig, and Hel, as compared with other Polish and Baltic regions' (C/dbb G661c). The data contained in this book ...

3. Monthly, Seasonal, and Annual Climatic Data for Germany, Coastal Western Germany and a Few Stations in Poland and Lithuania (1886-1910) [NCL00227_228]
The German data resides in 3 books, 'Ergebnisse Der Meteorologischen Beobachtungen in Systeme Fur Das Lustrum' (C/dc 100 A3) written in German. In these summaries, definitions are: 1. Daily/monthly/seasonal/annual ...

4. Protected Area Maps of Poland [WARd0007_108]
Protected areas of different types in Poland digitized from different map sources and enriched with the information gained from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry ...

5. Protected Ground water Maps of Poland [WARd0008_108]
Distribution of protected areas and quality of water in Poland. Digitized from the map of main underground water reservoirs by the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography in Warsaw.

6. Soil Type Maps Of Poland [WARd0003_108]
Soils of Poland acquisited by scanning and raster network encoding of the Soil Map of Poland from the National Atlas of Poland (1973-78). Consists of 20 classes of soils.

7. Surface Water Reservoir Maps in Poland [WARd0009_108]
Surface water reservoirs scanned and digitized form different map sources in the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography and GRID-Warsaw. Rivers andlakes coded accroding to hydrological classification.

8. Temperature and Precipitation in Warsaw, Poland (1770-1910) [NCL00146]
The Warsaw, Poland data resides in 3 books, 'Notice Historique Relative aux Observations del Temperature del L'Air Faites a Varsovie' (C/dbb G661n), 'Sur la Variabilitie des Precipitations d'apres ...

9. Upper Wind Data for Germany, Poland, and East Prussia (1905-1933) [NCL00142]
The wind data resides in 2 books, 'Die Hohenwindverhaltnisse uber Deutschland wahrend des Polarjahres' (C/dc K27), and 'Hohenwindmessungen durchgefuhrt von Schiffsoffiziefen der Deutschen Hondelsflotte ...

10. Administration Division Maps Of Poland [WARd0002_108]
Administration division of Poland created on a basis of digitization with manual generalisation proper for specific scales. Projection Albers; points and polygons; ARC/INFO and SINUS systems

11. Catchments Division Maps of Poland [WARd0010_108]
Four-level hydrographic division of Poland prepared in accordance to a new scheme of catchment division elaborated by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW). Scanned from the "Hydrological ...

12. Digitized Maps of Main Cities in Poland [WARd0012_108]
Main cities in Poland digitized from the Review Map of Poland

13. Ecological Hazards in Poland [WARd0011_108]
Ecological hazards digitized from the map of protected landscape.

14. Geomorphology Forms of Poland [WARd0005_108]
Geomorphological forms of Poland created within Central Scientific Programme 10.4/1989. Digitized from the map of relief types in Poland; Scale 1:1 000 000.

15. Hourly Observations, Climatic Data, and Daily Sunshine Data for Danzig, Poland (1930-1938) [NCL00159_173]
The Danzig surface climatic data resides in 8 books, 'Ergebnisse Der Meteorologischen Beobachtungen Danzig Statt. Observ.' (C/dba AO-D) written in German. The data contained in these books are tables ...

16. Hourly, Daily, Monthly, and Annual Climate Data for Poland and USSR and Temperature Data for Germany, Switzerland, and Austria (1811-1938) [NCL00171_172]
The surface temperature data resides in 1 book, 'Die Wirkliche Temperaturevertheilung in Mitteleuropa' (C/d S697) written in German. The data contained in this book are tables and maps of monthly ...

17. Hunting Unit Border Maps of Poland [WARd0006_108]
Borders of hunting units digitized from the maps prepared by Polish Hunting Association within Central Scientific Programme 10.4/1989.

18. Land Use Division Maps of Poland [WARd0004_108]
Land use map of Poland acquisited form interpreted Landsat TM, MSS images by digitization. 24 classes of land use grouped in subjects (agriculture, grass lands, settlements and communication areas, ...

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