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1. Biennial Reporting System [EPA0155]
The "Biennial Reporting System" database contains biennial reports submitted by generators of hazardous wastes and facilities that treat, store or dispose of hazardous wastes. The ...

2. Permit Compliance System (PCS) [EPA0170]
The "Permit Compliance System (PCS)" database is a computerized management information system which contains data on National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit-holding facilities. ...

3. Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) [EPA0164]
"The Toxic Release Inventory (TRI)" database contains data on annual estimated releases of over 300 toxic chemicals to air, water and land by the manufacturing industry. TRI's main purpose is to encourage ...

4. Graphical Exposure Modeling System (GEMS) [EPA0138]
The "Graphical Exposure Modeling System (GEMS)" is a interactive information management system designed to allow the rapid analysis of environmental problems. The system allows the user ...

5. Lockheed - EPA, Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory - Las Vegas [EPA0140]
The "Lockheed - EPA, Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory - Las Vegas (LESC-EPA, EMLS-LV)" database consists of data obtained from the records of various state and federal agencies responsible ...

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