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1. Aqua regia digestible and labile metal concentrations of PRB media [AAS_4029_Lab_ICP]
The data set consists of two types of assessments of permeable reactive barrier (PRB) media: aqua regia digestions and 1 M HCl acid extractions. All analytical analysis was completed using inductively ...

2. Hydraulic assessments of Casey Station Main Power House Lower Permeable Reactive Barrier [AAS_4029_Field_EC]
(See the metadata file in the downloadable dataset for more information, including graphs and formulas which cannot be reproduced here) The permeable reactive barrier under assessment was originally ...

3. Metal concentrations during operation of a Permeable Reactive Barrier containing zero-valent iron. [AAS_4029_Field_ICP]
The data set consists of field solution metal concentrations for a new sequence of material installed within an existing permeable reactive barrier at the Casey Station Main Powerhouse. Three Excel ...

4. Non-reactive hydraulic assessments during a freeze-thaw laboratory based simulation of a permeable reactive barrier [AAS_4029_Lab_EC]
The impact of freeze-thaw cycling on a ZVI and inert medium was assessed using duplicated Darcy boxes subjected to 42 freeze-thaw cycles. Measuring bed heights and non-reactive tracer tests allowed ...

5. Tracer test results and particle size analysis of Lower Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB), Main Powerhouse site, Casey Station. [AAS_4029_Tracer_Particle]
A permeable reactive barrier (PRB) was installed downgradient of the Main Powerhouse at Casey Station in 2005 in order to contain and treat fuel contaminated water arising from a fuel spill that occurred ...

6. XRD measurements of heavy metal contaminants in contact with zero-valent iron laboratory batch experiment [AAS_4029_Lab_XRD]
(See the metadata file in the downloadable dataset for more information, including formulas which cannot be reproduced here) The data set consists of laboratory based X-Ray diffraction (XRD) measurements ...

7. Development and application of technologies for the removal of heavy-metal contaminants from run-off associated with abandoned waste disposal sites - Permeable Reactive Barrier Data [ASAC_1300_PRB]
The contamination of soils by heavy metals is a problem that faces communities the world over. Contamination is of particular concern when it is mobilised into ground and surface waters, where it ...

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