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1. MMS Aerial Surveys for Seabirds and Mammals, Oregon and Washington [seamap46]   PARENT METADATA
Oregon and Washington Marine Mammal And Seabird Surveys Sstudies: -- Oregon/Washington Aerial [Birds and Mammals] Study Code: OP Contract Number: 14-12-0001-30426 Principal Investigator(s)/Affiliation: ...

2. MMS Central/Northern California Low-altitude birds and mammals [seamap41]   PARENT METADATA
Principal Investigator(s)/Affiliation: Thomas P. Dohl, Center for Marine Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz.Marine Mammal and Seabird Surveys Of Central And Northern California Studies: ...

3. MMS Seabird Ecology Study [seamap49]   PARENT METADATA
California Seabird Ecology Study Studies: -- Seabird Ecology Study [Birds and Mammals] Study Code: SE Contract Number: 14-12-001-30183 Principal Investigator(s)/Affiliation: Kenneth T. Briggs, ...

4. MMS Ship Transect Survey for Mammals and Seabirds, Southern California Bight [seamap52]   PARENT METADATA
Marine Mammal and Seabird Surveys of The Southern California Bight Studies: -- So. Calif. Bight Ship Surveys [Birds and Mammals] Study Code: SS Contract Number: AA550-CT7-36 Principal ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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