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1. Zooplankton of the Eastern South Pacific (OBIS, ESPOBIS) [zooplancton_copas_cl]
The Humboldt Current System is one the large and highly productive upwelling ecosystems of the world ocean. In the coastal upwelling system of northern and central/south of Chile a data base of marine ...

2. Characterization of intra-, inter-annual variability SST, phytoplankton pigment concentration & zooplankton on shelf zone of Humboldt Current System Chile [GLOBEC_044_CHL_008]   PARENT METADATA
Title: Characterization of the intra- and inter-annual variability of sea surface temperature, phytoplankton pigment concentration and zooplankton on the shelf zone of the Humboldt Current System ...

3. Copepoda from the coastal upwelling zone of the Chilean Humboldt Current System [cl_udec_copas_copepoda_01]
Copepods are numerically dominant and are major contributors to zooplankton biomass in the coastal upwelling zone of the eastern South Pacific. This data set comprises the majority of planktonic species ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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