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1. Project San Telmo: Archaeology and History of the Antarctic II [CNDA-ESP_ANT94-1288-E]
In English: The project San Telmo started in 1993 with a short evaluation campaign in order to analyze the possibilities to use such a scientific method as archaeology in the Antarctic. In 1993-1994 ...

2. San Telmo: the archaeological investigation in the Antarctic in order to locate the wreck of the Spanish ship San Telmo, to identify it and examine the environment (archaeology) of the wreck resting site. [CNDA-ESP_ANT92-1360-E]
In English: We can point out some of the results we obtained during the project San Telmo: It was the first attempt to prepare an underwater and a land archaeological survey in the Antarctic, preliminary ...

3. The project San Telmo: Archaeology and History of the Antarctic I [CNDA-ESP_ANT93-1118-E]
In English: The main tasks of this project are to discover and locate the Spanish warship San Telmo, which sank in September of 1819 bearing 644 persons aboard, as well as to find out the exact position ...

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