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1. An Emplacement Model for Allochthonous Salt Sheets with Implications Toward Subsalt Exploration [MMS_GOM_PAPER_SALTSHEET]
The text of this paper is available without cost via direct download from the web site, "", and is in Adobe Acrobat's pdf format. The paper's ...

2. Crustal Scale Profiles and Their Interpretations in the Middle East and North Africa Regions [GEO_CORNELL_MENA_PROFS]
The Crustal profiles from the Middle East and North Africa show profiles of geologic, gravity and seismic data that were compiled into a database from which profiles across the region were selected ...

3. Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) Database and Ocean Drilling Project (ODP) Database (Janus) at Texas AM University [DSDP_ODP_DATABASES_TAMU]
These databases contain geological and geophysical investigations of the cores recovered from almost every ocean of the world. The data were collected on oceanographic cruises of the ...

4. Depositional Styles from Miocene Through Pleistocene in the North Central Gulf of Mexico: An Historical Reconstruction [MMS_GOM_LA_DEPOS]
ABSTRACT The Minerals Management Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, has recently classified the producible sands from the approximately 1,100 fields across the northern Gulf of Mexico into ...

5. Digital single-channel seismic-reflection data from western Santa Monica basin [USGS_OFR_2006_1180_SMB]
During a collaborative project in 1992, Geological Survey of Canada and United States Geological Survey scientists obtained about 850 line-km of high-quality single-channel boomer and sleeve-gun seismic-reflection ...

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