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1. Shelterwood -- Study FS-NC-1109-79-01 [USDA0176]
The purpose of this data set is to monitor reproduction under alternative overstory and understory treatments in upland oaks. Collection Organization: USDA/FS - North Central Forest Experiment Station ...

2. Shelterwood Removal and Mowing Study - Kane Experimental Forest, USDA/FS [USDA_FS53]
To serve as a roadside demonstration of shelterwood and the cutting back of advance growth. "Shelterwood Removal and Mowing Study (Kane Experimental Forest)" is a long-term dataset that serves as ...

3. Shelterwood Removal and Mowing Study, Northeastern U.S. [USDA.FS.NERS.Shelterwood]
Objective: 1) To determine the amount of damage to the understory caused by the removal of a hold-over stand. 2) To determine the effect of complete exposure on the survival of various species in ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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