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1. Surface Water Supply Index (SWSI) Maps and Data from USDA/NRCS, Montana [USDA_NRCS_SWSI]
The Surface Water Supply Index (SWSI) was developed by Shafer and Dezman (1982) to complement the Palmer Index for moisture conditions across the state of Colorado. The Palmer Index is basically a ...

2. Western Regional Climate Center SNOTEL Station Data [WRCC_SNOTEL_DATA]
The Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC) offers SNOTEL climate station data for locations throughout the Western United States. Parameters measured are snowpack, precipitation accumulation, air ...

3. CRYSYS Snow Research, Canada [Canada_CRYSYS_SnowResearch]
Main thrusts in CRYSYS snow-related research are: (1) the development and validation of microwave algorithms for snow cover properties (extent, water equivalent, wet/dry state) in varying ...

4. Rand Corporation Mean Monthly Global Snow Depth [G00788]
All available monthly snow depth climatologies were integrated by the Rand Corporation, in the early 1980s, into one global (excluding Africa and South America) digital data set gridded at 4° ...

5. Brine flow through sea ice [ASAC_1060]
Metadata record for data from ASAC Project 1060 See the link below for public details on this project. Taken from the referenced publications: Sea ice exhibits a marked transition in its fluid transport ...

6. CLPX-Ground: Ground Based Passive Microwave Radiometer (GBMR-7) Data [NSIDC-0165]
This data set contains brightness temperature observations of the snow cover at the Local Scale Observation Site (LSOS) of the Cold Land Processes Field Experiment (CLPX) in Fraser, Colorado, USA.

7. CLPX-Ground: Snow Measurements at the Local Scale Observation Site (LSOS) [NSIDC-0169]
This data set presents snow depth, snow water equivalence (SWE), snow wetness data, and snow pit data from two pine sites and a small clearing at the Local Scale Observation Site (LSOS) of the Cold ...

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