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1. Provisional magnetic data recorded at Macquarie (MCQ) and Davis (DVS) MAGDAS (MAGnetic Data Acquisition System) stations [AAS_4020]
SERC, Kyushu University, have deployed MAGDAS magnetometers at 57 stations along the 210- and 96-degree magnetic meridians (MM) and the magnetic Dip equator, and three FM-CW radars along the 210o ...

2. Space_Update: Earth Views of Space and Space Views of Earth [ESIP_3_Space_Update]
"Space Update" is an information and imagery multimedia treasure trove CD-ROM produced by Rice University and used by over a million visitors at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Designed as ...

3. ULF induction magnetometer data from Australian Antarctic and subantarctic stations [AAS_4172]
Space weather is a significant hazard to modern technology. It results from energization of the Earth's radiation belts and subsequent transport of relativistic particles to low altitudes. Plasma ...

4. Antarctic solar terrestrial and geophysical studies from geomagnetic and GPS data [CNDA-ESP_EBRO02_META_BAS015]
In English: This dataset contains information on monitoring the geomagnetic field. The aim of this and the previous campaign is a qualitative jump in the magnetic observatory operation as it receives ...

5. Investigations of Space Weather and the Mesosphere using the TIGER Radar [ASAC_1246]
The Tasman International Geospace Environment Radar (TIGER) is an over-the-horizon radar that locates ionospheric structures in the region between Tasmania and Antarctica, measuring their velocities. ...

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