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1. Biota of Virginia (BOVA) [vadgif_BOVA]
This database was created through a review of the peer-reviewed literature, taxonomic expert communications, and database records for all native and naturalized species of Virginia. Included in the ...

2. Post weaning dispersal and survival in the southern elephant seal [ASAC_862]
The objectives for this project were: The project aims to quantify the patterns of dispersal and survival of newly weaned southern elephant seal pups to provide information on position at sea and ...

3. Sturgeon Information Infrastructure (SII) - Great Lakes Basin, 1940-2006 [USGS_BRD_SII_GLB]
The Sturgeon Information Infrastructure (SII) includes data pertaining to lake sturgeon such as location sampled, time period over which sampling took place, status classification of sturgeon populations ...

4. Declining, Threatened and Endangered Species Database [PWRC_ThreatenedSpecies]
The Fish and Wildlife Service has listed members of more than 1,200 taxa as Threatened or Endangered, and has identified about 4,000 additional organisms which may require listing or further study. ...

5. Macquarie Island fur seal database [AADC-00859]
The dataset includes data on all fur seals tagged at Macquarie Island since 1989. The dataset includes information on the sex and species of individuals, information on their reproductive histories, ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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