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1. Solar Records: The Wolf Sunspot Index and Umbral/Penumbral Ratio, CDIAC NDP-014 [CDIAC_NDP14]
Observational records of sunspot activity are available from about 1875, with reconstructions going back, possibly, to 1832. Available sunspot models and the theory of mixing length indicate that ...

2. Daily, Monthly, Seasonal and Annual Climatic Data, Including Temperature and Wind Data for the Sachsen Region of Germany (1864-1890) [NCL00121_122]
Climatic data resides in 2 books, 'Das Klima des Konigreiches Sachsen' (C/dc 320 L-wk), and 'Die Hauptsachlichsten Resultate aus den m den Jahren 1864-1900 im Konigreich Sachsen Anstellten Meteorologischen ...

3. Hourly, Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Surface Weather Data for Teddington and Richmond (Kew Observatory) England (1885-1910) [NCL00189_195]
The Teddington surface data resides in 2 books, 'Teddington, England, National Physical Laboratory Report (1901-1910)' (C/de35 A1). Data contained in these books are tables of hourly, daily, monthly ...

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