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1. Surface Current and Meteorological Data from Drifting Buoys (F156) [FW00221]
This data type contains time series ocean circulation data determined by tracking the movement of drifting buoys, drogues or other instrumented devices. Movement is reported as point-to-point geographic ...

2. Surface Float Data Archives, NOAA/AOML [WHOI_SURFACE_DRIFTERS]
This surface drifter archives, now at NOAA/AOML, consists of Argo float data and gloal interpolated lagrangian drifter data. Satellite-tracked drifting buoy data are being collected ...

3. The Scripps Center for Coastal Studies' Data Zoo: Physical Oceanographic Experiments off the California Coast [SIO_CCS_DATAZOO]
The Center for Coastal Studies (CCS) Data Zoo is part of a project, the Santa Barbara Channel - Santa Maria Basin (SBC/SMB) Study, funded by the Minerals Management Service (MMS). In addition to ...

4. Drifting Buoy Data for the Global Ocean; Position, Surface Pressure, and Surface/Subsurface Temperature [MEDS_DRIBU]
Drifting Buoy (DRIBU) data have been gathered from a number of different sensors mounted on drifting buoys. Drifting buoy data includes the buoy position, date, time and, in ...

5. International Ice Patrol (IIP) Iceberg Sightings Database [G00807]
The International Ice Patrol (IIP) has been collecting information on iceberg activity in the North Atlantic since 1913. This database contains the data from these sightings from 1960 through most ...

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