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1. Benthic Organisms (F132) Data (1971 -1976) Data [FW00074]
This data type contains data from field sampling or surveys of bottom dwelling marine organisms. The data provide information on species abundance, distribution and biomass; they may have been collected ...

2. NODC Standard Format Primary Productivity 2 (F049) Data (1973 -1982) [NODC_F049]
This dataset contains data from measurements of photosynthetic capacity and phytoplankton productivity. In addition to cruise information, position, date, time, sampling depths, bottom depth, and ...

3. NODC Standard Format Water Physics and Chemistry (F004) Data (1906-1985) [FW00053]
This file contains data from measurements and analyses of physical and chemical characteristics of the water column. Among chemical parameters that may be recorded are salinity, pH and concentration ...

4. Seabed Oxygen Consumption from In-Situ Sources (F050) Data (1974-1978) [FW00084]
This data type contains data from analyses of seabed oxygen consumption determined from measurements over a specified time interval of initial and final dissolved oxygen concentration. Cruise information, ...

5. Serial Oceanographic Data from KODC [KODC_Serial]
The serial oceanographic observations were carried out bimonthly on 175 fixed stations from 22 lines(East Sea; 8, South Sea : 7, West Sea;6 lines, Korea-Japan line ; 1) in Korean waters, since 1961, ...

6. Comprehensive Ocean - Atmosphere Data Set (COADS) LMRF Arctic Subset [NSIDC-0057]
The Comprehensive Ocean - Atmosphere Data Set (COADS) Long Marine Reports Fixed-Length (LMRF) Arctic subset contains marine surface weather reports for regions north of 65 degrees N from ships, drifting ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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