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1. Software for Slope Performance During an Earthquake [USGS_slope_perf]
The Slope Performance During an Earthquake software is designed to allow users to conduct Newmark sliding-block analysis and simplified decoupled analysis to estimate co-seismic slope displacements. ...

2. Slope-Area Computation program [USGS_SAC]
The Slope-Area Computation program program solves the 1-D steady-state energy and continuity equations for discharge given upstream and downstream water-surface elevations. The program solves the ...

3. Slope, Land cover, Exclusion, Urbanization, Transportation, and Hillshade (SLEUTH) [SLEUTH]
Slope, Land cover, Exclusion, Urbanization, Transportation, and Hillshade (SLEUTH) was developed by Dr. Keith C. Clarke. Research continues at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Department ...

4. USGS Global GIS [USGS_Global_GIS]
The Global GIS Tool is a modified version of ArcView GIS, ArcView DataPublisher. ArcView DataPublisher is a free limited version of ArcView GIS which will work only with the Global GIS datasets. ...

5. A Fortran Program for Transient Rainfall Infiltration and Grid-Based Regional Slope-Stability Analysis [USGS_TRIGRS]
TRIGRS (Transient Rainfall Infiltration and Grid-based Regional Slope-Stability Model) is a Fortran program for computing transient pore-pressure changes, and attendant changes in the factor of safety, ...

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