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1. Snow and Firn Temperature and Permeability Measurements from Siple Dome, Antarctica [NSIDC-0100]
This data set includes measurements of snow and firn temperature and permeability collected between November 1998 and June 1999 at Siple Dome. The physical characteristics of snow determine the nature ...

2. Spectral and Broadband Albedo of Antarctic Sea-ice Types [warren_ANT1141275]
The albedo, or reflection coefficient, is a measure of the diffuse reflectivity of an irradiated surface. With the sunlit atmosphere as a light source, and sea-ice as a diffuse reflecting surface, ...

3. CLPX-Ground: ISA Main Meteorological Data [NSIDC-0172]
This data set contains meteorological observations at ten sites throughout the Small Regional Study Area (SRSA) of the Cold Land Processes Field Experiment (CLPX) in Fraser, Colorado, USA.

4. CLPX-Ground: Micrometeorological Data at the Local Scale Observation Site (LSOS) [NSIDC-0168]
This data set includes two sets of soil temperature profiles, two sets of soil moisture profiles, two sets of soil heat flux profiles (in dense pine and open pine areas), and one set of a snow temperature ...

5. Greenland Climate Network (GC-Net) Automatic Weather Station Data [NSIDC-0617]
The Greenland Climate Network (GC-NET), established in spring 1994, currently consists of 18 stations with a distributed coverage over the Greenland ice sheet. The GC-Net emphasis is to monitor climatological ...

The BOREAS TF-01 team collected energy, carbon dioxide, and momentum flux data under the canopy along with meteorological and soils data at the BOREAS SSA-OA site from mid-October to mid-November ...

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