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1. Drought Monitor [ensounl_drought]
The U.S. Drought Monitor map provides a summary of drought conditions across the United States and Puerto Rico. Often described as a blend of art and science, the map is updated weekly by combining ...

2. Soil Temperature and Moisture Model [USDA_ARS_STM2]
The Soil Temperature and Moisture Model model predicts the soil temperature and moisture conditions based on very limited user inputs. The input requirements are: 1. A general soil characterization ...

3. Nearest Neighbor Soil Water Retention Estimator [USDA_ARS_kNearest]
The k-nearest neighbor (k-NN) technique is a non-parametric technique that can be used to make predictions of discrete (class-type) as well as continuous variables. The k-NN technique and many of ...

4. TETRANS Model: Estimates one-dimensional Solute Transport Through the Vadose Zone Under Transient-state Conditions [USDA_ARS_TETRANS]
TETrans (an acronym for Trace Element Transport) is a functional, layer-equilibrium model of one-dimensional solute transport through the vadose zone under transient-state conditions. This type of ...

5. Distributed Routing Rainfall-Runoff Model [USGS_DR3M]
The Distributed Routing Rainfall-Runoff Model (DR3M) is a watershed model for routing storm runoff through a Branched system of pipes and (or) natural channels using rainfall as input. DR3M provides ...

6. UNSATCHEM-2D Model: Element Code for Modeling Major Ion Equilibrium and Kinetic Non-Equilibrium Chemistry [USDA_ARS_UNSATCHEM-2D]
UNSATCHEM-2D is a two-dimensional finite element code for modeling major ion equilibrium and kinetic non-equilibrium chemistry in variably saturated porous media. The model is intended for prediction ...

7. ESAP Model: Statistical software package for estimating field scale spatial salinity patterns from electromagnetic induction signal data [USDA_ARS_ESAP]
Each program in this ESAP software suite contains a number of features designed to help perform the various components of the soil salinity assessment process, described below: 1. ESAP-RSSD (Response ...

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