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1. Biophysical Resource Appraisal Support System (BRASS), Soil and Climate Data Worldwide [USDA0190]
This database management system is comprised of spatial and tabular data of global soils and climate data sets. A model estimates soil moisture and temperature regimes. A five minute ...

2. Precipitation Over a 1,000 Acre Area - East Central Ohio [USDA0091]
Research on watershed hydrology (water quality, surface water, and ground water). Collection Organization: USDA-ARS Collection Methodology: Standard: weighing bucket gauges. Collection Frequency: ...

3. SMEX02 Iowa Satellite Vegetation and Water Index (NDVI and NDWI) Data [NSIDC-0184]
This data set consists of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI) data, derived from Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper (TM) and Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic ...

4. SMEX03 Vegetation Data: Georgia [NSIDC-0298]
This data set includes data collected over the Soil Moisture Experiment 2003 (SMEX03) area of Georgia, USA.

5. SMEX03 Vegetation Data: Oklahoma [NSIDC-0297]
This data set contains various vegetation parameters for several locations from Oklahoma North (ON) and Oklahoma South (OS).

6. SMEX03 Watershed Ground Soil Moisture Data: Oklahoma [NSIDC-0296]
This data set combines data for several parameters measured for the Soil Moisture Experiment 2003 (SMEX03). This study was conducted between 2 July 2003 and 17 July 2003 in the Little Washita watershed ...

7. SMEX04 Soil Characteristics Data: Sonora [NSIDC-0439]
Notice to Data Users: The documentation for this data set was provided solely by the Principal Investigator(s) and was not further developed, thoroughly reviewed, or edited by NSIDC. Thus, support ...

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