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1. FlowMap - Software Application Designed to Analyze and Display Flow Data [FLOMAP]
Flowmap is a software package dedicated to analyzing and displaying interaction or flow data. This type of data is special in the sense that there are two different geographic locations connected ...

2. TimeMap: Time-based Interactive Mapping [TIMEMAP]
TimeMap is a novel mapping applet which generates complete interactive maps with a few simple lines of html. It provides a way of easily enriching web pages with historical or contemporary information ...

3. PySAL: Open Source Python Library for Spatial Analytical Functions [ASU_PySAL]
PySAL: Open Source Python Library for Spatial Analytical Functions grew out of a collaborative effort spearheaded by Professor Sergio Rey and Luc Anselin, Walter Isard Chair and Director of the School ...

4. SPATSTAT: Spatial Point Pattern Analysis, Model-fitting and Simulation [UWA_SPATSTAT]
Spatstat is a contributed library in S-PLUS and R for the statistical analysis of spatial data. The package supports: -Creation, manipulation and plotting of point patterns -Exploratory data analysis ...

5. Spherekit: An Integrated Toolkit for Spatial Interpolation and Comparison of Spatial Interpolation Algorithms [Spherekit]
Spherekit is an integrated toolkit for spatial interpolation and comparison of spatial interpolation algorithms. It is UNIX-based and includes a complete graphical user interface (GUI). It uses Generic ...

6. Oceanographic Analyst ArcView Extension [USGS_oceanographic_analyst]
The Oceanographic Analyst ArcView Extension was specially created for the Glacier Bay oceanography project, but is designed to be used with any oceanographic data set. The program allows 3- and 4-D ...

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