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1. Atlas of cephalopod distribution in the Southern Ocean [scarmarbin_1873]
A synthesis of various publications detailing Cephalopod distribution in the Southern Ocean and covers the time period 1902-1996.

2. Biology of Southern Ocean squid, ecological importance and potential commercial implications - a preliminary assessment [ASAC_1242]
Metadata record for data from ASAC Project 1242 See the link below for public details on this project. ---- Public Summary from Project ---- This project will undertake preliminary assessment of ...

3. Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program - South Atlantic [SEAMAP-SA]
Written by OBIS-USA using excerpts from MRRI and SEAMAP-SA Homepages MRRI staff, funded by the Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program - South Atlantic (SEAMAP-SA) of the National Marine ...

4. Squid in the antarctic and subantarctic, their biology and ecology [ASAC_1340]
From the abstract of the referenced paper: Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA markers (RAPDs) were applied in a cephalopod population study. Samples of the squid Moroteuthis ingens taken from around ...

5. Zooplankton abundance, vertical and horizontal distribution (MOCNESS system), April-June 2001-02, continental margin west of Antarctic Peninsula, GLOBEC. [zooabund_lmg_SO]
Using a Multiple Opening and Closing Nets and Environmental Sensing System (MOCNESS), zooplankton samples were collected at selected depth intervals in the water column. Zooplankton ...

6. Zooplankton populations were sampled at standard stations using a MOCNESS 1 m^2 net tow system, 2000 and 2002, California Current System, Northeast Pacific GLOBEC Program. [MOC1_NEP]
Standard sections were repeatly sampled for zooplankton concentrations using a MOCNESS 1 m^2 net tow system during 2000 and 2002. These cross shelf/California Current sections ...

7. CephBase [utmbnrcc_cephbase_obis]
CephBase is a dynamic html (dhtml) relational database-driven interactive web site that has been online since 1998. The prototype version of CephBase was developed at Dalhousie Univeristy in Halifax, ...

8. Ichtyoker [scarmarbin_2439]
This database include all the data on mesopelagic fishes obtain during the Ichtyoker cruise from February 1998 to December 2000 from 0 to 500 meters on the O.V. La Curieuse from IPEV.

9. Kerams [scarmarbin_2440]
The Kerams database include all the mesopelagic fishes data obtained during the cruise Kerams on the OV Curieuse from Kerguelen to Saint-Paul (south Indian ocean).

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