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1. Biotas - A Statistical and GIS Tool for Ecologists and Resource Professionals [Biotas]
Biotas is a statistical and GIS tool for Windows written for ecologists and resource professionals. Biotas has been designed to assist in the analysis and understanding of spatial and temporal data ...

2. ZONECONC - A Postprocessing Program that Tabulates Concentration Statistics from Concentration Data Generated by MODFLOW-GWT [USGS_ZONECONC]   PARENT SERF
The computer program, called ZONECONC, tabulates concentration data using the results from the U.S. Geological Survey Modular Three-Dimensional Ground-Water Flow and Solute-Transport Model (MODFLOW-GWT). ...

3. Aero-Triangulation System Software [USGS_AT]
The Aero-Triangulation System Software is a collection of Fortran and C programs, UNIX shell scripts, and text files used to perform image coordinate refinement, block adjustment, statistical reporting, ...

4. Phylogenetic Analysis Using Parsimony [PAUP]
Phylogenetic Analysis Using Parsimony (PAUP) is a program for phylogenetic analysis using parsimony, maximum likelihood, and distance methods. The program has a selection of analysis options and model ...

5. PSPP - Program for Statistical Analysis of Sampled Data [PSPP]
PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data. It is particularly suited to the analysis and manipulation of very large data sets. In addition to statistical hypothesis tests such as ...

6. BISPEC - Program for Computing Linear and Nonlinear Spectra of Earthquake Records [BISPEC]
BISPEC is a user-friendly program that computes Linear and Nonlinear spectra of earthquake records. Bispec makes it extremely easy to compute constant-ductility spectra and constant-strength spectra, ...

7. Quick Stats - The National Agricultural Statistics Service Interactive, Online Statistical Database [USDA_NASS_quickstats]
The National Agricultural Statistics Service publishes U.S., State, County and other geographic level agricultural statistics for many commodities and data series. Quick Stats is a web based application ...

8. The Exploratory Spatio-Temporal Analysis Toolkit (ESTAT) [PSU_GEOG_ESTAT]
The Exploratory Spatio-Temporal Analysis Toolkit (ESTAT), which has been developed by the GeoVISTA Center is a toolkit that provides user-friendly, open-source software designed to support exploratory ...

9. Space Time Analysis of Regional Systems (STARS) [STARS]
Space-Time Analysis of Regional Systems (STARS) is an open source package designed for the analysis of aerial data measured over time. STARS brings together a number of recently developed methods ...

10. FRAGSTATS: Spatial Pattern Analysis Program for Categorical Maps [LANDECO_FRAGSTATS]
FRAGSTATS is a spatial pattern analysis program for categorical maps. The landscape subject to analysis is user-defined and can represent any spatial phenomenon. FRAGSTATS simply quantifies the areal ...

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