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1. Biennial Reporting System [EPA0155]
The "Biennial Reporting System" database contains biennial reports submitted by generators of hazardous wastes and facilities that treat, store or dispose of hazardous wastes. The ...

2. The Accumulation and Bioavailability of Soil Nitrogen and Carbon Under Long-term Farming Systems in Pennsylvania. [usda.ars.PSWMRL.LongTermFarm]
(from Project Abstract) Problem: the objective of this research is to determine and contrast soil nitrogen, soil carbon, and soil phosphorus accumulation and availability under common farming systems ...

3. The Accumulation and Bioavailability of Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Under Common Buffer Vegetation in Mid-Atlantic States. [usda.ars.PSWMRL.CommonBuffer]
(from USDA ARS Carbon Storage Planning Workshop Abstracts) Problem: There are large acerages of woods and cool-season grasses in the northeast today, and there may soon be substantial acreages of ...

4. Great Lakes Monthly Hydrologic Data (1860-1990) [GLERL0007]
Accurate hydrologic data (over-lake precipitation, runoff, lake evaporation, net basin supplies, connecting channel flows, diversion flows, beginning-of-month lake levels, and changes in storage) ...

5. WOODY BIOMASS FOR EASTERN U.S. FORESTS, 1983-1996 [rged_brown_biomass]
Estimates of the woody biomass density and pools were derived at the county scale of resolution of all forests of the eastern United States using new approaches for converting inventoried wood volume ...

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