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1. The Changing of the Land: A Wisconsin Forest History Unit [uwsp_leaf_change]
The Changing of the Land was developed in 2002 under a Wisconsin Environmental Education Board (WEEB) grant at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station (CWES). The unit was originally distributed ...

2. WI K-12 Urban Forest Lesson Guide [uwsp_leaf_urban]
This guide also supplements the Wisconsin K-12 Forestry Education Lesson Guide. Wisconsin’s urban forests are a very important resource. However, many Wisconsin residents don’t recognize the benefits ...

3. WI K-12 Wildland Fire Lesson Guide [uwsp_leaf_wildland]
This guide supplements the Wisconsin K-12 Forestry Education Lesson Guide. Ninety percent of all forest-related fires in Wisconsin are started by humans. Education is a key prevention tool to develop ...

4. The Fragile Fringe - A Guide for Teaching About Coastal Wetlands [USGS_fringe]
Wetlands are found throughout the United States and the world. Wetlands are transitional areas sandwiched between the inland and aquatic habitats. Indicative of the name, wetlands are land areas that ...

5. Exploring Caves - Teaching Packet for Grades K-3 [USGS_exploringcaves]
"Exploring Caves" is an interdisciplinary set of materials on caves for grades K-3. Caves entail at least five scientific disciplines: earth science, hydrology, mapping, biology, and anthropology. ...

6. Lessons on the Lake: An Educator's Guide to the Pontchartrain Basin [USGS_OFR_98-805_LESSONS]
The Lake Pontchartrain Basin, formed about 5,000 years ago, is a vast ecological system of over 4,700 square miles. Many cultures have inhabited its lands and fished its waters. From Native Americans ...

7. Teach the Earth - The SERC Portal for Geoscience Educators [SERC_TEACHEARTH]
The Teach the Earth portal is aimed primarily at those teaching undergraduates, this site provides ready-to-use activities, help for using new teaching methods, ideas for designing courses, professional ...

8. Wisconsin K-12 Forestry Lesson Guide [UWSP_LEAF_Forestry]
This guide provides educators complete interdisciplinary units that present an overview of forests and forestry in Wisconsin. The lesson guide is divided into six grade-specific units: K-1, 2-3, 4, ...

Showing 1 through 8 of 8
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