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1. Aurora Australis Southern Ocean oceanographic data, cruise au1121 2010/11 VMS [au1121]
Oceanographic measurements were collected aboard Aurora Australis cruise au1121, voyage "Marine Science" (i.e. voyage 2.1) 2010/2011, from 4th January to 6th February 2011. The cruise commenced with ...

2. 2010/11 VMS - Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer (FRRF) sampling on the Aurora Australis [VMS_FRRF]
FRRF deployments were conducted at 22 sites in conjunction with ship stop times when the CTD was deployed. See event log for locations. Some underway FRRF sampling was conducted on the return voyage. ...

3. 2010/11 VMS Geonomics sampling - data collected from the VMS (Voyage Marine Science) voyage of the Aurora Australis [VMS_Genomics]
Purpose of future metagenomic (DNA), metaproteomic (protein) and metatranscriptomic (RNA) analysis: For each sample, two drums (~200L each) of seawater were collected. Samples were taken from CTD ...

4. High resolution still photographs of the seafloor across the Mertz Glacier Region [VMS_Benthic_Photography]
Geoscience Australia and the Australian Antarctic Division conducted a benthic community survey using underwater still photographs on the shelf around the Mertz Glacier region. The purpose of the ...

5. 2010/11 VMS - Calcareous Zooplankton samples collected on the Aurora Australis [VMS_Calcareous_zooplankton]
Sampling for this program was carried out at nine stations co-located with CTD stations, using the AAD's Rectangular Midwater Trawl (RMT) system, and at three other sites using handheld dip nets also ...

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