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1. NODC Standard Format Coastal Current Meter (Resultants) (F005) Data (1972-1993) [FW00054]
This data set contains time series measurements of subsurface ocean currents obtained using moored current-measuring instruments, principally Aanderaa current meters (manufactured by Aanderaa Instruments,Inc.). ...

2. Sedimentological Data from Green Bay (1988-1990) [GLERL0005]
Instrumented tripods were deployed at five locations in southern Green Bay (Lake Michigan). One tripod was deployed for 4 weeks in the fall of 1988. Beginning in May of 1989, 4 tripods were deployed ...

3. Hurricane Rita Surge Data, Southwestern Louisiana and Southeastern Texas, September to November 2005 [USGS_DS_2006_220]
Pressure transducers and high-water marks were used to document the inland water levels related to storm surge generated by Hurricane Rita in southwestern Louisiana and southeastern Texas. On September ...

4. Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory Oceanographic Data [mvco_ocean]
The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has built the Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory (MVCO) near South Beach in Edgartown, Massachusetts. The project was initiated by scientists ...

5. AWI Moored ULS Data, Greenland Sea and Fram Strait, 1991-2002 [G02139]
This data set consists of Upward Looking Sonar (ULS) data from 11 moorings in the Greenland Sea. Parameters in the processed data files include ice draft, water pressure, and water temperature. Raw ...

6. AWI Moored ULS Data, Weddell Sea (1990-1998) [G01359]
This data set consists of moored Upward Looking Sonar (ULS) data from 14 stations in the Weddell Sea. Parameters in the processed data files are water pressure, water temperature, draft, and a flag ...

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