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1. ANNIE: Interactive Hydrologic Analyses and Data Management [USGS_ANNIE]
ANNIE is a program designed to help users interactively store, retrieve, list, plot, check, and update spatial, parametric, and time-series data for hydrologic models and analyses. Data are stored ...

2. Watershed Analysis Risk Management Framework (WARMF) [EPA_warmf]
To facilitate TMDL analysis and watershed planning, the Watershed Analysis Risk Management Framework WARMF was developed under sponsorship from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) as a decision ...

3. Watershed Delineation [SERC_WATERSHED]
This Flash animation from Michigan Tech drapes a watershed boundary upon a mountainous landscape and then shows how, after rainfall, surface runoff is funneled into a hierarchical drainage net. The ...

4. Environmental Justice Geographic Assessment Tool [EPA_EJ]
The EPA's Environmental Justice Geographic Assessment Tool (EJA) allows users to conduct environmental justice assessments (EJA), or profiles, for a specified geographic area. The EJA includes statistics ...

5. Source Loading and Management Model - An Urban Area Nonpoint Source Water Quality Model [USGS_SLAMM]
Non-point evaluation monitoring provides critical information to cooperators to help formulate watershed management plans and evaluate the effectiveness of these plans. This information is also used ...

6. The Massachusetts Aquatic Landscape Characterization Tool [AQUALAND]
AQUALAND analyzes the contribution of upstream aquatic and terrestrial systems to aquatic habitats. It is a grid-based watershed model. The software has two main components, the Watershed Delineator ...

7. The Object Watershed Link Simulation (OWLS) Model [Watershed-OWLS-Model-99]
(Summary adapted from the OWLS web site) OWLS is a 3-D, vector-based, physically-based, distributed hydrologic model. It is constructed based on the Object-Orientated concept. In the OWLS model, ...

8. Hydrologic Modeling System [HMS_Hydrology]
The Hydrologic Modeling System (HMS), written by the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC), simulates a watershed's rainfall-runoff process. Recent advancements include a linear quasi-distributed ...

9. Watershed Assessment, Tracking & Environmental ResultS (WATERS) [EPA_WATERS]
Watershed Assessment, Tracking & Environmental ResultS (WATERS) is an integrated information system for the nation's surface waters. The EPA Office of Water manages numerous programs in support of ...

10. SPAtially Referenced Regressions On Watershed Attributes (SPARROW) Modeling of Surface-Water Quality [01-usgs_sparrow-01]
The SPARROW method uses spatially referenced regressions of contaminant transport on watershed attributes to support regional water-quality assessment goals, including descriptions of spatial and ...

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