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1. A Life History Simulator for Terrestrial Wildlife Populations [EPA_hexsim]
HexSim is a spatially-explicit, individual-based, multi-species computer model designed for simulating terrestrial wildlife population dynamics and interactions. HexSim is very general, with landscapes, ...

2. Wyoming Interagency Spatial Database and Online Management System (WISDOM) [WISDOM]
The Wyoming Interagency Spatial Database & Online Management (WISDOM) System is a user-friendly tool that will allow any interested individual to discover, consider, and assess Wyoming’s wildlife ...

3. Wind and Wildlife Landscape Assessment Tool (LAT) [AWWI_LAT]
The Wind and Wildlife Landscape Assessment Tool (LAT) is designed as a landscape-level planning tool to identify sensitive wildlife habitat and areas that are likely to have low wildlife risk where ...

4. Forages Decision Support Tool [psu_forages]
The forage industry is the major agricultural enterprise in Pennsylvania and in the northeastern United States. Nearly 60% ($1.9 billion) of the total cash receipts from the sale of agricultural products ...

5. Wildlife Habitat Benefits Estimation Toolkit [WHPRP]
The Wildlife Habitat Benefits Estimation Toolkit, developed in collaboration between economists at Defenders of Wildlife and Colorado State University under a grant from National Council for Science ...

6. ECOSEARCH - Ecosystem Management Software [USGS_ECOSRCH]
ECOSEARCH was developed as a first step to a testable, scientific basis for ecosystem management. ECOSEARCH uses a FORTRAN program to predict occurrence for >300 species of New England wildlife using ...

7. MIWILD - Software to Analyze Extent of Wildlife Habitat [USDA_FS_NED_MIWILD]
Forest managers have long desired easily accessible information about wildlife species and their habitat requirements. Two tools that address this issue in Michigan and the Lake States are MIWILD ...

8. Computer-Aided Resource Analysis Tool (CARAT): A GIS Based Tool for Environmental Assessment [WYGISC_CARAT]
The Computer-Aided Resource Analysis Tool (CARAT) is a prototype, GIS-based decision support system used by BLM field office managers and resource specialists in NEPA environmental assessment and ...

Showing 1 through 8 of 8
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