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1. Persistence of DDT in the Yakima River Drainage, Washington [BESTsed16]
This study was conducted in 1985 by Ecology's Water Quality Investigations Section in response to results from the Basic Water Monitoring Program (BWMP) which showed higher levels of DDT and metabolites ...

2. Surface-water Quality Assessment of the Yakima River Basin in Washington: Chemical Analyses of Major, Minor and Trace Elements in Fine-Grained Sediment. [BESTsed20]
The overall scope of the surface water NAWQA program includes organic and inorganic analyses of media such as water, sediments, and biota. Inorganic data from this report will be used to relate the ...

3. Surface-water quality assessment of the Yakima River Basin, Washington:Pesticide, Other Trace-organic compound data for Water, Sediment, Soil, and Aquatic Biota [BESTsed19]
Contaminant data assessed in a variety of media (water, suspended and bed sediment, soil, and aquatic biota) were presented for samples collected from the Yakima River Basin between 1987 and 1990. ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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